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For The Love Of Weddings

So you’re engaged! After planning a nerve wracking proposal, the wonderful and tearful “YES” that followed, now the hard part is done, right? If only! But before you start planning your wedding, you should first ask yourself, “what kind of wedding do I want to have?”

As important as colours and decor are to your theme, finding your vibe has many components. It represents you, your culture, your personality, the love you two share, and so much more. So, what kind of impression do you want to leave with your guests? More importantly, how do you want to look back and remember your day?

You've likely popped on Instagram and Pinterest and pinned a few wedding ideas you love. It's worth asking yourself why and what you loved about what you've saved on your boards. Candle-lit affairs that scream whimsical romance will likely be held in the evening with dinner and cocktails. Maybe you’re a lover of breakfast food and would love a brunch wedding with pastel colours and mimosas. I’ll let you in on a popular secret… weddings held during the day are significantly less expensive than an evening affair! Something to keep in mind if you’re running on a tighter budget!

If you love the idea of a very formal event, something in between, or completely informal, these all need to be taken into account when choosing a theme. Whatever you choose should be consistent throughout the entire event, from ceremony, pictures, reception, venues, even your food and beverage!

Once you‘ve got a good sense of where your niche is, hone in on it. This will make planning the finer details much more seamless.

Now that you’ve picked a big picture theme, you can start to look at what venues will cater to this. Be it rustic-chic, country-western, Hollywood-glam, vintage, the possibilities are endless. You may even take a few of these ideas and combine them to suit your personality.

Are you someone who enjoys the outdoors? Do you love to travel? Maybe a garden or destination wedding would be more your style! Perhaps you enjoy the classics, vintage décor, soft touches, subtle beauty, or maybe you’re a bit more loud and in your face. Whatever the case, whoever you are, let it shine through in your theme!

If you’re anything like me and hibernate in the winter, steering towards a warmer season may suit you best. You could be the opposite and love the thought of freshly fallen snow to bundle up and prance around in!

What season calls out to you? If your wedding is going to be outdoors, this will have a huge impact. You’ll likely try to utilize the warmer months so your guests don’t freeze the single dramatic tears that fall from the joy that fills their hearts when they watch you say “I do”.

Your perfect venue may or may not be a blank canvas that you can decorate how you like. It’s smart however, to find a venue that you find fits your vision, so you can see if any colours you want to implement will clash with strongly patterned walls or floors.

In any case, start with something neutral and add a pop of colour. If your colours allow, throw in a contrast! Metallics are great for this.

Now all you need is something to tie it all together! Is there something or someone you want to shine through on your big day? Maybe you’ve served in the military and you want to honour your time served. You may have a relative that isn’t able to be at the wedding and you would love to show honour in subtle ways. Finding ways to tie these kinds of special treasures in your theme are what can really make a wedding unique and especially treasured in your hearts forever.

One of the key components to the vibe of any wedding is the choice of music. Discuss with your band or DJ and be certain they can provide you with the tone you want to set!

The time of day you choose to host your wedding will determine how you should expect to feed your guests. What kind of food do you envision? The level of formality will come in quite heavily here. Do you envision champagne and hor’deuvres circulating and a plated three course meal? Maybe a buffet is more your style! Whatever your food choice, make sure it falls in line with the vibe and theme you are trying to create.

As much as the things that make a wedding special are found in the finer details, too many details will have the opposite effect you’re looking for. So sit back and look big picture as to what you want to remember, and what you want your guests to remember about your wedding. Anything in excess can derail even the best of intentions, so be mindful of how you tie it all together.

Now step back, take a deep breath, and bring in the experts to make your event exactly what you want it to be, without all of the added stress!

To crowning moments and blissful memories...